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I see a lot of posts but not replies - is this still active ?  


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18/05/2020 4:20 pm  

HI I am Looking for help with mapping controls on Hyper Pie 2 PC 

Attract is the Front End , but rocket launcher is the backend . It looks like most / if not all is set via the global default options.

but my first attempt to use start / select to exit emulators back to attract mode does not work , and is already set by default on an xbox one controller. 


FYI I managed to get the Amiga working - Rocket Launcher was set to the wrong emulator just in case anyone was wondering why , but none of the controls work on an xbox controller just keyboard only . 


My main question is where i can view the controller configuration ? xpadder is not installed by default , but joyto is . when opening that up it seems like it loads a profile , but it is blank . the whole thing is confusing so needing a little help of where to start. and where i should be looking to change controls per system as required