Raspberry Pi

Waiting for HyperPie 3? Well in the mean time check out v.2.5.1!

The Hyperpie team are at it again with an official release of Hyperpie 2 (for the Raspberry Pi (3b and 3b+) – This official release comes with a huge changelog from the previous releases, as well as some serious modifications and the multi-threaded media downloader (get that media FASTER!).

As with all official HyperPie releases there are no ROMS included.


  • Fixed Extend and Remove HDD Sscripts
  • Fixed Issues found by Freddy Poli
  • Updated Attract Mode to latest version
  • Added Updated Rom Lists from Will
  • Install mkarcadejoystick driver
  • Installed ps3 controller driver
  • Renamed Nintendo BS-X Satellaview to Nintendo Satellaview in Media and Rom lists
  • Removed Sufami Turbo.mp4 in the menu art – snaps folder
  • Removed king of fighters.mp4 from Menuart – Wheels folder
  • Moved Game Descriptions to the correct place and Structure
  • Fixed HDD Script again
  • Added updated Themes
  • Added update game Descriptions
  • Added Eazy Hax RetroPie Toolkit
  • Added Bezel Project
  • Updated IMG to latest RetroPie 4.4.2
  • Reinstalled XPAD driver
  • Removed Love and Macintosh from es_systems.cfg
  • Removed the ps3 configurations in Bluetooth options
  • Fixed Star Wars Snap missing the space between Star and Wars, so it does not play
  • GameBoy xml swapped with snap
  • Added more system snaps
  • Added multi-thread to media downloader
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