Windows 64-Bit

Need more speed and more capable systems, look no further!


HyperPie PC Edition is an extension of Hyperpie for the Raspberry Pi, for your Windows 64-bit PC. It was built with Hyperpie users in mind, who want to also play Hyperpie on their PC, and to make the transition as smooth as possible. HyperPie PC Edition has been pre-setup with portable emulators and programs so that no installation is necessary. It has also been pre setup to use an XBOX 360 Controller (other controllers may need to be mapped to the individual Emulators).

By dragging and dropping your ROM folders from the raspberry pi image of Hyperpie, you will be playing within seconds. Also included are some new systems. So in addition to all the systems running on the original hyperpie,for the PC we have added:-

  • Sega Saturn
  • Sega Model 2
  • Sega Model 3
  • Naomi
  • Naomi 2
  • Sammy Atomiswave
  • Gaelco
  • GameCube
  • Wii
  • Panasonic 3DO

just to name a few. the current MAME Emulator is also installed.  The media for these new systems is included (No Roms).

How to install?
1. Create a Partition and name it H: , or rename your USB drive you want to use HyperPie PC Edition on to H: drive If you do not do this nothing will work as the paths rely on starting with H drive
2. Download and place all the rar files in the root of H drive
3. Select all rar files, and right click, choose to “EXTRACT HERE” again this is importand because if you extractto a folder it will screw up all the filepaths and nothing will work.
4. Once Extracted you are basically ready to play…all you need are games and media. there are two methods to acomplish this.
4A. The first option: Connect your Pi to you Home network, gain access to your rom folder, place all the system rom folders you wantfrom Hyperpie on yopur Pi and drag and drop them to H:\HyperPC\Roms\
4B. If you have a .img file of your image, or you do not have a pi but you have an image that follows Hyperpie or Motion Blue Rom Naming Standards,(you will need to download and extract the hyperpie image if you dont have one) you can use 7.Zip to open the img and move the folders over. just right clickthe .img file, and open archive, then open the .img file it shows, it will open to the file system. Now navigate to home\pi\RetroPie\roms and move the system rom folders over one at a time to H:\HyperPC\Roms
5. Navigate to H:\HyperPC\RocketLauncher\Media\Fonts and install the  BebasNeue.ttf font
6. If you are using an XBOX 360 controller and all your drivers, direct x, and runtimes are up to date you are now ready to play by opening the attract.exe shortcut. *If you run into errors, or you are unsure you have all the right drivers, navigate to H:\HyperPC\Utilities. From here run the DXSETUP.exe shortcut, and all the Vcredist_64.exe files.This should take care of all emulator issues

Ok, not everyone is gonna use a 360 controller, so I have included drivers for ps3 and ps4 usb\bluetooth controllers. In testing, once the drivers were installed from the Utilities folderthe controllers worked for everything, just like the 360 pad, with no issues at all.  Anything else may need to be mapped in the emulators themselves. Navigate to H:\HyperPC\Emulators andmap your controller in each emulator if they do not work.


“mame” folder is for the current MAME romset and CHD’s- MAME will need EVERY CONTROLLER TO BE MAPPED BY PRESSING “TAB” ON THE FIRST GAME YOU BOOT INTO. This is even true for XBOX 360 Controllers

Will’s Arcade Romset will work with our setup, place them in an “arcade” folder inside the Roms folder, however the current set does have some bad roms, and you will see a few roms crash.This is being addressed in a new set, and we will have an update when it is released. but 95% of the roms will work just like on the pi!

Windows 10 users: Attract Mode has a bug where it shows the taskbar, your best bet is to right click it and hide the taskbaruntil this is fixed.

The first time you run Kodi, it may hide behind attract mode unti you press a key.

Commodore 64 is not setup to work yet.

Naomi, naomi 2, gaelco, atomiswave, and hikaru are all handled by demul. put all roms and bios’ in the “demul” folder (H:\HyperPC\Roms\demul). Use the latest demul 0.7a roms.

BIOSes needed: gameboy advance, sega CD, PC Engine\Turbografx CD, PC-FX, psx, and dreamcast all go in the folder H:\HyperPC\Emulators\Retroarch\system\
3do bios goes in H:\HyperPC\Emulators\4DO\
PS2 bios goes in H:\HyperPC\Emulators\PCSX2 1.4.0\bios

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